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The idea that American Indians are a unity, or one people, is a Western concept. Terms such as American Indian, Native American, Amerind, are Western terms. The people who have inhabited the Americas never understood themselves in this way, but rather referred to themselves by their nation, whether be...


Chapter 1: How Dogma Trumped Science

It is generally assumed that the Bering Strait Theory has almost universal acceptance from scientists. The mainstream media, and thus the general public, take it as a given that the debate over the origins over American Indians has long been settled. So, for example, The New York Times, an...



The immense knowledge and factual proof of many scientific theories does not exist. Many theories and facts recited by scholars are merely academic folklore which professors heard in their undergraduate days and have not examined at all.


Chapter 2: Racism, Eugenics And When Natives Came To America

Since the early 16th-century, questions about the origins of American Indians spurred a lively theological debate. By the mid-19th-century, science was taking over, but that did not end the debate, indeed, it only made it more contentious than ever. SKULLDUGGERY On July 18, 1866 the distinguished geologist and scion of prominent...