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Al Jazeera Blew It on ‘Payday Nation’

Al Jazeera America’s recent series “Payday Nation” had so much promise to get the facts right and tell a side of the story which has been woefully underrepresented in the world of partisan media and painfully biased reporting. That promise unfortunately fell flat.It wasn’t for lack of education, Native...


An Agenda Banks on Weed

Everyone, as they say, has an agenda.Everyone—the president, the Congress, and politicos of all stripes—tries to look good, regardless of party.Governmental regulators (who also have political agendas) want to secure the highest possible profile for their efforts. They want to go after the predetermined “bad guys” they’ve already formulated bias...


Tribes Are Forming a More Perfect Union

When the course of human events mandates a new forming of political bands between one people and another, that challenge has often been met. This was the foundation of our more perfect union.So it was when the United States saw its tumultuous start.So it was outlined as a tenet...