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How Arnold Schwarzenegger Violated Tribal Sovereignty

States and governors just can’t seem to control themselves; they cannot keep their hands out of tribal pockets. The concept that tribal governments have rights and financial needs has eluded them for so long they have become accustomed to ignoring them. But occasionally a governor gets a hand for...

Mazzetti: Blame the governor, not the Department of the Interior

In 1988, when Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act two United States senators, John McCain and Daniel Inouye, with prominent Congressman Morris Udall, promised in separate statements in the Congressional Record that if states tried to take advantage of the bill to encroach on tribal sovereignty or tax...

Mazetti: Rincon decision could change compact negotiations

By stacking the deck against tribal governments when negotiating casino compacts, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was gambling that he could violate federal law with impunity. He bet he could hold the tribes hostage by our need to engage in gaming as our only means to economic development. But, appears...