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Presidential Race Leaves Few Choices for Native Voters

The time is nigh for the 2016 race for the White House. Prime time contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump are dominating the news cycles while an increasingly weary American electorate remains divided along Democrat and Republican party-lines. Many voters just want it to be over already...


‘Takedown’: A Book Review With Global Social Lessons

Recently I won a promotional copy of the 2016 book Takedown, by Jeff Buck. Mr. Buck, the self-described “dope ghost” undercover police officer from suburban Ohio, details his accounts of drug investigations that he took part in, including the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. The book narrative is non-linear, meaning the...


North American Dream v. Rugged Individualism—Tribal Style

Operation MYGALE was recently undertaken by regional law enforcement here in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Described as the largest such operation ever, the anti-border crime agenda was driven home by the execution of over 70 armed searches looking for tobacco and drug stashes. Claims of international were...


An Eerie Feeling About Erie: Going Home Again

The old union hall sat silently at night. Ironworkers Local #348 was part of the Labor Temple Building, located on State Street, which is the original, main thoroughfare through this northern port city. The small family restaurant and bar located underneath had its heyday decades ago, fueled by bustling...