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How Congress Made Environmentalists Public Enemy #1

After Keystone XL Pipeline legislation was narrowly defeated in Congress, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), incoming Senate Majority Leader, promised to pass the bill in January when Republicans take control of the Senate. They already control the House of Representatives. Although the life of the Keystone Pipeline is in the of...


The Beauty That Was My Mother

Sometimes bravery is the smallest of things, a grain of sand lying under a mountain of regret. This, I felt as I watched my mother die. Exactly two years before the moment she left this world, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It started with a pain her...


‘She Fought So Hard to Live’

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this was written to honor my mother and every life touched by this devastating disease.Who would have thought a short walk on the beach on an ordinary day could symbolize so many things. For me, it stood for inexpressible joy, safety, and...


Anyplace Is a Good Place to Be an Indian

In following the Washington football team mascot controversy, I read with interest, Gyasi Ross’ latest article, “Hush Money and Ransom: An Open Letter to Dan Snyder, the Idiot”. Although Ross made some valid points about Dan Snyder’s foundation that I agree with, I feel the use of pejoratives name...


Iktomi Speaks: The Crooked Tongue of Dan Snyder

In Lakota stories, one of our traditional characters is a spider named “Iktomi." He got himself in all kinds of predicaments because he was selfish, greedy, and told lies. Iktomi is a trickster. Keep Iktomi in mind when you read Washington football team owner, Dan Snyder’s, communiqué from month.In...


Circle of Violence: The Need for Fathers

Some fathers don’t realize how important they are to their children. Whether they are involved parents or not, their role is critical. If they aren’t there anymore or were never there at all, children miss their dads even if the child doesn’t know what it is they are When...


Drill Baby Drill

Do you know what it means to be un-American? I’ll tell you. To be un-American means to be respectful, humble, spiritual, truthful, caring, and selfless. To be American means to be immature, greedy, deceitful, disrespectful, arrogant and egocentric. Nakota Energy has drilled two exploratory oil wells near Bear a..