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How to Force the Telecoms to Deliver Fiber-Optic to Reservations

The Bureau of Land Management recently announced that it was undertaking an agency-wide review of railroad rights of way to determine whether utilities—mostly telecommunication companies with fiber optic lines—are unlawfully piggy-backing on railroad lines without federal approval. It’s about time.This announcement is the result of mounting federal litigation congressional...


Expose Hate Groups Like CERA

The hate group Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA), and those like it, use similar tactics to disguise their fear of brown people in positions of authority. They disguise their fear and hatred with bogus legal arguments designed to rile up local resentment and to enlist new uninformed members contributors...


Fighting Racism in Worker’s Comp Rules

As a long-time Tribal attorney who has for years fought racism leveled against Tribes and individuals by various external groups and institutions of state, local and federal agencies, I was shocked to have to confront racist ideals voluntarily incorporated into Tribes’ own workers compensation programs. The scary thing many...

CERA: The Ku Klux Klan of Indian country

Anti-Indian hate groups are desperately attempting to gain a foothold in American politics by attacking tribal self-governance. This disturbing trend is being allowed to happen, unchecked. Recently the hate group Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) held a Mother's Day conference in Washington, D.C. entitled "Confronting Federal Indian Policy." While tribes are appalled that organizations...