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Indian Preference: It’s the Law

The Tribal Human Resource Department (HR) of a Theoretical Tribe advertises in nation-wide media and on its website that the position of Chief Judge is open and solicits application from qualified candidates. The position announcement also states that the position is subject to Tribal and Indian Preference. Theoretical is...


Of Alcohol and Sundancing

Ordinarily I would not use those two words in the same sentence. A little over ten years ago I awoke in my pickup along a dirt road that served as a common driveway to my home and neighboring homes. Sometime during the night I had driven off the and...


Eating Crow with Ernie Stevens, Jr.

Congratulations to Ernie Stevens, Jr. on his victory for another term as President of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). The numbers speak for themselves. The other candidates are to be congratulated too, for being good sports. This is not an apology for my comments about NIGA needing to some...


NIGA’s New Mission, Part Two

(This is a follow-up to Harold Monteau's previous column, "New Mission for NIGA") It’s time to put the Indian back in Indian Gaming. While there has been some growth in Indian Majority-owned supply and service providers in Indian Gaming, Indian entrepreneurs continue to struggle to even get in the door Indian...


New Mission for NIGA

(This is the first in a two-part series; to read the followup click here: "NIGA’s New Mission, Part Two.") The National Indian Gaming Association needs a new mission—a makeover, if you will. As an advocate and protector of Indian gaming, NIGA’s new direction should serve to vertically integrate tribes their...


Chris Cargill Dead Wrong on Tribal Casinos

The Spokane Spokesman Review chose to print Chris Cargill’s factually and legally flawed comments regarding Tribal Casinos ("State should reach deal with tribes for portion of casino profits", January 30, 2011) at the top of the page and bold headlines and with more than ample space. Yet the refused...