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End Language Discrimination Now

How did the English language become the most widely spoken language in the world? The influence of American business, combined with the tradition of English language (either blunt or subtle) left around the world by the British Empire, have made English the number one language of international trade the...


Explosive Changes in Pow Wows for Urban Natives

Contemporary American Indian pow wows have been undergoing a considerable amount of cultural change. Among the various aspects examined are pow wows’ social networks — pow wows as an expression of identity, ideas of community, social integration, and the transgression of customary boundaries formally assigned to share meanings appropriate...


When Did We Become Lawn Ornaments?

I had just moved to beautiful Manatee County, Florida. I decided to walk around my new neighborhood, where I had just purchased a mobile home. While strolling along, I began thinking about how I was going to landscape my front lawn to create some variety in my surroundings alter...


White Fear of Colored Unity

Since writing I wrote “Fight White Supremacists: People of Color Must Unite” on August 27, I have been bombarded by readers with opposing opinions. Many news readers gorge themselves on media messages that fit their pre-existing views, rather than graze on different perspectives. I think it’s imperative that read...


Fight White Supremacists: People of Color Must Unite

On October 16, 1995, the world witnessed more than a million black men converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkan urged them to improve their families and communities. The “Million Man March” became the most historic organizing and mobilizing event the...


The Provocative Art of Toni Scott

Toni Scott is an American and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. She also descends from African and European ancestry. As a multimedia artist, she was recently selected for the 2015 Dame Jillian Sackler International Artists Exhibition Program at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and at...


Eye Told You So: Native Americans and Eye Disease

In 1637, Thomas Morton, one of the founders of the settlement at Mount Wollaston (now Quincy, Mass.) gave a description of the Indians in New England that mentioned their admirable perfection in the use of the senses, and in particular, “their eyes":“This is a thinge not only observed me...


Black History Is American History

There is Women's History Month, Native American History Month, Latino History Month, Jewish American History Month, LGBT Pride Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and so on. With all of these months and days celebrating various ethnic groups and awareness campaigns, are we as a society unconsciously feeding culture...


Wok the Dog: Christmas in China

As Americans scrambled to prepare for the Christmas holiday, it was time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. Things that make the holiday special are not “things.” It’s the time spent together with family and friends and memories made.This year I will not be with family...