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How Grassroots Choked the XL Pipeline

The November 6, 2015 announcement of the rejection of the Presidential Permit that would allow TransCanada to continue the XL Pipeline project to the Gulf of Mexico was rejected after being placed on hold by President Obama in 2011 amid conflicts of the route of the pipeline through sites...


Expose the Lies Told About ICWA

The announcement of A.D., et al. v. Washburn by the conservative group known as the Goldwater Institute comes with a bitter deja vu of “haven’t we heard this before?” I’ve got a few things that I can say are wrong with the pleadings filed by Goldwater on behalf of American...


How ‘Black Lives Matter’ Can Help Indians

On February 14, 2014 President Obama began the White House initiative to bring peace to the justice practices of American communities which he named “My Brother’s Keeper.” Today, this initiative continues to address the disparate treatment of African-Americans in America with relation to policing in cities, towns and throughout...