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The Minnesota Miracle, Plus DOJ Has Our Backs

After spending the eight years in meetings—with state and national legislators, state secretaries of state, and county commissioners and election officials—and helping organize two major federal voting-rights lawsuits, I’m starting to see some light at the end of the equal-rights tunnel. Notably, the Department of Justice now has backs...


Waging War by Taxation on Indian Country

Oh, what dangerous times we live in. In the days of our ancestors, it took the cavalry and then some to change our way of life. But now, because states across the country have lost many attempts to extinguish our sovereignty, they are trying a different tactic—and Big and...


Rights Do Have a Cost

“Everyone talks about rights, but they have a cost,” said attorney Sara Frankenstein in a recent article on ICTMN.com (“With 2014 Elections Looming, Ninth Circuit Agrees to Hear Native Voting-Rights Appeal”; February 28, 2013). Frankenstein is representing the Montana state and county defendants in the federal voting-rights case Medicine...