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Get the Fed’s Hands Off Our Land

Having lost hundreds of millions of acres of land to allotment and tax auction, sale, fraud and federal chicanery beginning in the late 1880s, Indian tribes have ever since been on a decades-long mission to acquire and reconsolidate their once-mighty land holdings. Currently, the federal government manages 55 surface...


The ‘Carcieri’ Fix Bills Need to Do More

Eighty years ago last month, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Wheeler-Howard Act aka the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA), devised and championed by then-Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier.In a February 1934 memorandum prepared for the House and Senate Committees on Indian Affairs, Collier stressed the of...


IGRA at 25, With So Much More to Do

In 1987, the Supreme Court decided California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, holding that a state could not prohibit gaming conducted on Indian lands if it allowed similar games by other persons in the state.Alarmed at the prospect of gaming on Indian lands beyond their regulatory reach, governors...


Fed Up! Why D.C. Must Invest in Tribal Development

In fiscal year 2014, the federal government will spend about $3.8 trillion, which breaks down into mandatory spending (64 percent), interest on the national debt (6 percent), and discretionary spending (30 percent). This 30 percent discretionary figure, in turn, is divided into defense spending (51 percent) and non-defense (49...

Running the 2006 federal appropriations marathon

In Washington, the media routinely focus on the hot-button issues: the war on terror, Iraq, Supreme Court nominees, abortion rights and others. Few realize that the federal budget is often the best way to gauge the nation's priorities. A review of President Bush's fiscal year 2006 budget request reveals increases for foreign assistance the...