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Skins Poll: Tribes Have Spoken, Which Is All That Matters

Indian Country is abuzz over the Washington Post poll that purports nine in 10 ordinary Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins’ name. Indian Country has displayed the full range of emotion, including laugher at the Post for thinking it has really captured accurate attitudes of people,...


Support Food Sovereignty: Pass the Twinkie Death Tax!

The food sovereignty movement in Indian country has been spurred largely by the hard work and dedication of reservation-based community and nonprofit organizations and tribal colleges. These groups and institutions have created programs to improve diet and health, boost their local economies, increase education and, further assert Native of...


Who Will Speak for Native Children?

In July 2012, national press thrust the status of Dakota children in the social service program of the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation into national headlines. The sad and untimely death of two Dakota children, discovered by their mother, has been played out like a mad melodrama. The real of...