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Changing the Face of Poverty

June 25 marked the anniversary of the Battle of Little Bighorn, known by some as Custer’s Last Stand and known by the Sioux Indians as Victory Day. History notes the Battle of Little Bighorn as the most famous battle of the Great Sioux War of 1876, and while was...


Applying Traditional Values In Today’s Economy

It is important to arm our people with the knowledge to combat predatory lenders. It is common for predatory lenders, those with outrageous fees and extraordinarily high interest rates, to operate in border towns of reservations where they prey on the desperate monetary needs of low-income people. However, Native-owned...


Data or Delusion?

Last week I was vigorously working to meet a deadline for a grant application (as many of us living in the nonprofit world spend a lot of our time doing), and I was completely baffled by some of the economic statistics I looked up for my community, the River...