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Nasal Spray Could Save Lives in Indian Country

 The statistics are grim. Prescription drug overdoses are up for the 11th straight year, and according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 44 people die every day from a prescription drug overdose-- usually involving opioid painkillers. Increasingly, patients who become addicted to prescription painkillers turn to heroin a..


Spiked Heroin Killing People on the Rez

Hopefully the title of this piece convinced you to read a few lines to get an idea what I am observing on our territories. Together we can sound an important alarm in our communities. Only if we understand the threat can we properly educate others to the danger our...


Tribal Marijuana Pitfalls: Shysters, Smugglers & States

Since the Department of Justice's unexpected policy announcement in December regarding marijuana in Indian Country, many tribes are carefully considering the unintended consequences of addressing their approach to marijuana. At the same time, tribes are entering into relationships or accepting advice from shysters who may be leading them the...


Say Thanks to Elouise Cobell

As a youngster I asked Mom to buy me a Stingray bike. She gave me the same answer her parents gave her when she wanted a new bike, “Wait ‘til we get the big claim.” I was in high school when the “big claim” money finally came in form...


Legalized Pot Is a Mess of Trouble for Tribes

While a patchwork of state laws have given marijuana quasi-legal status in 24 states, status on many tribal lands remains prohibited, or at best uncertain. Many tribes are content to adhere to federal prohibitions, but in PL 83-280 states (notably Washington, with legal recreational use), some are considering even...


Redskins’ Bribing of Indian Country Has Consequences

As a retired federal law enforcement officer and Native American, I believe it important to enter the conversation relating to the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation (OAF), the National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA), and Gary Edwards’ connection to both. I am a charter member of NNALEA, joined...


Bibles, Stamps and Children’s Drawings Used to Smuggle Drugs

The Albuquerque Metropolitan detention center and the nearby Sandoval County detention center recently enacted new bans on crayon drawings, greeting cards and stamps in an effort to stem the tide of Suboxone, the brand name for the opiate substitute buprenorphine, being smuggled to inmates. The Albuquerque area jails be...


Radical Plan to Make Tribal Lands Safer

Despite delays, shutdowns, underfunding and bureaucratic tangles, the bipartisan Indian Law and Order Commission has spent the past several years steadily gathering data on how to fix the dire public safety crisis that plagues tribal lands. The Commission's report, entitled A Roadmap for Making Native America Safer, is complete...


Miley Cyrus or Synthetic Drugs: Which Is the Greater Threat?

Among other things, Miley Cyrus has become the poster girl for the club drug MDMA, which is gaining popularity in a powdered or crystal form called "Molly." Television about methamphetamine crimes rivet the nation, while the same citizens are blind to the reality of meth in their communities, crime,...