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Stand With Standing Rock

This is an epic moment and the path forward is clear. I am writing to share our Standing Rock campaign work with you, protecting Mother Earth from the Dakota Access pipeline, and to ask you to join us over the months ahead. Now is the time.For months now, the...


Slow, Clean, Good Food

In an impressive fossil fuels travel day, I left the Standing Rock reservation and flew to Italy for the International Slow Food gathering known as Terra Madre. A world congress of harvesters, farmers, chefs and political leaders, this is basically the World Food Olympics. This is my fifth to...


Dakota Access Pipeline Purchaser Looking Like Enron

The recent announcement of Enbridge's purchase of the Dakota Access Pipeline came as a surprise to most of us. For the past four years, Enbridge has told the people of Minnesota that the proposed Sandpiper route (Clearbrook to Superior) was essential. It turns out that was not true. me...


On White Feminists

What is it about that Lateral Oppression? I want to speak out on some white feminists. While I fully understand the critique of the privileging of white feminists and their ability, historically, who feel that they can speak on our behalf: this is not always the case. I that...


Fossil Fuels Are Bad for Breasts

Honor the Earth is introducing the Pipeline-free Breast Campaign as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Noting, “Fossil Fuels are bad for your boobs. Chemicals created and used during petroleum extraction, refining, and use; benzene, toluene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and a few other bad guys are carcinogens.”...


The Oil Pipeline’s ‘Indian Listener’

“Next time you come talk to us, you bring down your big homey …” Jason Hanks, told the representatives of Enbridge who came for a “ tribal listening session” at the Fond du Lac casino. Jason, from a wild rice harvesting family, came to attend the meeting, and his...


The Irish, the Potato and the Choctaw

Let me just say I am a fan of the Irish. Not a lick Irish, but I love the Irish, their music, their tragic sense of humor, resilience—and their food. Well maybe not the food, and I’m not much of a drinker, so not even a Guinness. But I..


What Would Ingrid Do? War and Peace

We must recognize that we have hit bottom and that war dehumanizes and dehumanizes us," — Juan Manuel Santos, President of ColombiaThis week marks the 15th anniversary of the kidnapping and assassination of Menominee leader Ingrid Washinawatok El Issa. It also marks a new set of peace talks between many...