12 Days of Posters: Jared Yazzie’s ‘Water Is Life’

Dine' artist Jared Yazzie is the founder of OxDx, a clothing company based in Chandler, Arizona. His designs are wearable mashups of street style and Native consciousness, and he's brought that same sensibility on board as one of the official HonorTheTreaties artists. He's working with the Black Mesa Water Coalition, an organization pledged to address issues of water depletion, natural resource exploitation, and health promotion within Navajo and Hopi communities, and the poster below states the simple scientific fact that drives groups like BMWC: Water is life.

Right-click on the image to download it at medium size (1000 x 1500 pixels); for a much larger version, visit the HonorTheTreaties downloads page. You may also want to visit ICTMN's 12 Days of Posters archive.

Left to right: Robbie Robertson, Sebastian Robertson, Jared Levine, Jim Guerinot


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12 Days of Posters: Jared Yazzie's 'Water Is Life'

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