Dan and Dave Greene Discuss Their ‘Bigfoot Bounty’ Experience

Brothers Dan and Dave Green (Mohawk/Tuscarora/Chippewa) were one of the teams competing on the Spike series $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty. Known simply as Dan and Dave (or the Greene Giants), the pair were eliminated at the end of the fifth episode. Dan and Dave spoke with ICTMN about their experience on the show — this is the second part of a two-part story, click here to learn about the brothers' history as Bigfoot enthusiasts.

The eighth and final episode of $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty airs tonight on Spike at 10 PM Eastern/9 Central.

How did you guys get on the show?

David Greene:  My brother got us onto the show because of his interest in Bigfoot. He came across the casting and was excited about it. 

Dan Greene: I was looking around online about Bigfoot and UFOs and saw something where you could share your Bigfoot story. I wrote my story and thought, "why not?" I got on because of my great personality I guess. There were thousands of people trying to get on the show.

Do you think being Native American helped you get on the show?

Dan Greene: Being Native, you're still a curiosity in a way. People expect to see an eagle flying over our heads and when we speak there will be the eagle cry. People don't understand what we are. That was one of my goals, to talk to the producers and say we all don't speak Indian talk. We don't talk like Tonto. We wanted to show people we are regular guys. 

We understand who we are, what we are, and where we come from. We just wanted to send a positive message out there.

How was your experience on the show?

Dan Greene: The show was cool and there were a lot of neat people. It was a tough expedition that was also grueling at times but I wouldn't change it for the world. Would I do it again? Yeah, definitely. I also got to see my brother a lot, since he left the nest — so I thought it would be a great way to connect and re-bond.

David Greene: The show was a great experience. Once we got picked to go, I looked at it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How often do you get to be on television? We got to travel into places like Washington and Oregon and to the base of Mount Saint Helens – It was exciting, It was cool country that I would've never gone out to on my own. So I thought it was a really great adventure.


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