Depp Trying to ‘Right the Wrongs of the Past’ With Tonto

The Summer 2013 issue of UK magazine Total Film features a cover story on The Lone Ranger, and within its pages actor Johnny Depp (who plays Tonto), director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer all offer comments on the making of the probable blockbuster.

DEPP: "Since cinema has been around, Native Americans have been treated very poorly by Hollywood. … What I wanted to do was play Tonto not as a sidekick — like, 'Go fetch a soda for me, boy!' — but as a warrior with integrity and dignity. It's my small sliver of a contribution to try to right the wrongs of the past."

VERBINSKI: "This film, it could be called 'Tonto and the Masked Man.' We kept all the archetypes — the white hat, the silver bullet, the white horse, but we created them through the thread of Tonto. … This is an origin story, and it was Tonto that created the Lone Ranger."

Bruckheimer, meanwhile, has commented publicly that he would like for The Lone Ranger to become a franchise. “Hopefully, the Lone Ranger will continue,” he said on Sunday, according to Variety. "If the audience likes the movie then Disney will come to me and we’ll make another or it will be a one off."

Total Film is available at international newsstands and as an iPad download.


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Depp Trying to 'Right the Wrongs of the Past' With Tonto