Documentary About Colombia’s Native ‘Women Warriors’ Nears Funding Deadline

Filmmaker Nicole Karsin is in the home stretch of getting her seven-year project to audiences, and she's reaching out.

Karsin has made a film called We Women Warriors, about the human rights catastrophes and struggle for survival that have afflicted the indigenous people of Colombia, particularly as viewed through the eyes of Native women. The film's Kickstarter campaign has just a few days left to secure the rest of its funding, money that will make possible completion of a broadcast cut, launch of a grassroots screening tour, and the production of an educational DVD and discussion guides.

Kickstarter: Distribution of Documentery WE WOMEN WARRIORS

Official site:

“The moving documentary captures the heroism of native women in Colombia.”

Los Angeles Times

“Using weaving as a symbol of female solidarity, with a vibrant soundtrack of traditional tribal songs, Karsin sounds a rare note of hope; her dynamite trio could find favor with audiences worldwide.”


“[The film] provides a metaphor for the inextricable bond between Colombia’s indigenous people and their land and culture – and between the single mothers widowed by the regional conflict.”

Village Voice
“If you want a film that will make you think, this is it.”
BUST Magazine


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Documentary About Colombia's Native 'Women Warriors' Nears Funding Deadline