Mohawk Storyteller Kay Olan Shares ‘Stories to Remember’

On Sunday night, Mohawk storyteller Kay Olan will appear on the television program Global Spirit for a unique trans-cultural experience. Global Spirit is all about spiritual searching, or "internal travel," and seeks to offer "insights into some of mankind’s deepest existential questions, tracing our collective human journey in the timeless quest for truth, wisdom and understanding." It's about finding how we connect in our own quests for meanings even when we might seem to be worlds apart, and in pursuit of that goal the show unites eminent spiritual people from different cultures. 

On Sunday's show, "Stories to Remember," which airs at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific on LinkTV, Olan and Global Spirit host Phil Cousineau will be joined by Orland Bishop, a youth mentor who uses African storytelling traditions in his work with young people in South Central Los Angeles.

To determine whether you get LinkTV, check out the availability map on the station's website. The show will also be streamed online, and followed immediately by a live chat. To learn more about "Stories to Remember," visit the episode page at the Global Spirit website. Here's a video excerpt from Sunday's program in which Olan discusses the Wampum Belt story:


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Mohawk Storyteller Kay Olan Shares 'Stories to Remember'

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