PETA's proposed new logo for the football team

PETA's proposed new logo for the football team

Mash-up! PETA Endorses NFL Washington Redskin Potatoes

The Washington Senators, the Washington Renegades and even the Washington Hogs are some of the suggestions fans are offering to Dan Snyder to replace his beloved Redskins. Now, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals–PETA–is giving the NFL team theirs: A redskin potato.

The animal rights group said that the idea had been ‘cooking’ for a while and revealed the name in a recent blog post.

“When you hear the word ‘redskin,’ what do you immediately think of? Potatoes, of course! And who could be offended by a harmless redskin potato — except, maybe, for the Yukon Gold lobby (and if Alaska had a football team, rest assured that we'd be the first to suggest the Yukon Gold Diggers as a franchise name),” PETA said.

Their logo shows a white plate with gold trim and a red potato in the center of the plate. Green veggies are plated on the side with the logo “Washington Redskins” in the bottom right-hand corner.

“The redskin potato would be a noble mascot for a variety of reasons,” the group said on its blog. “Potatoes are also native Americans, having been cultivated in Peru for millennia. A tasty, versatile, animal- and environmentally friendly vegan staple, potatoes are now the most popular vegetable in the U.S. They are loaded with nutrients, including iron, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and even protein, and red potatoes in particular are high in antioxidants.”

The Kansas City Star called the idea ‘half-baked’ because PETA did not say that the team should change its name, just its logo.

PETA points out that potatoes are now the most popular veggie in the country.


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