Seager, Carlos "Natural Born Killer" and Owen Condit.

Seager, Carlos "Natural Born Killer" and Owen Condit.

The ‘Natural Born Killer’ Earns Respect in Hard-Fought Battle With MMA’s Best Fighter

On Saturday, November 17, in Montreal at Ultimate Fighting Championships 154, Carlos Condit entered the pit with Georges St.-Pierre, the current most dominant mixed-martial arts fighter. In a grueling battle that went the five-round distance, St.-Pierre emerged the victor by decision. But Condit earned enormous respect from the fighting community for his efforts in the 25-minute tooth-and-nail fight.

He even landed the most devastating single strike, a left kick to the head that floored St.-Pierre in the third round.

"I thought I had it," said Condit, of the kick, to "He was still coherent, so I wanted to go in there and put some leather on him, finish the job. He did a nice job; maybe I'll get him next time."

Condit, who's known as the "Natural Born Killer," has close connections to Indian country. His wife, Seager Condit, is from a Chickasaw/Cherokee background. And the Navajo Nation in his home state of New Mexico has developed a true fondness for the young brawler; Seager has closes ties with the Navajos, and her mother was general manager of KTNN radio station in Window Rock.

In March Condit told ICTMN,  “There is a spiritual aspect involved in what I do and I definitely draw some of that from my wife and her family. One of my best friends is Native American as well and I’ve received blessings from his medicine man. Honestly, fighting at the level I am right now, I can use all the help I can get.” Before his previous fight, Condit's uncle, Navajo, offered him a blessing for safety and success, "and both things happened."

For more on Condit and his family, including a photo gallery, click here.



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The 'Natural Born Killer' Earns Respect in Hard-Fought Battle With MMA's Best Fighter