Squaw Valley, California

Squaw Valley, California

AP Story About Offensive Place Names Features James Ramos of San Manuel Band

The Associated Press published a story today highlighting the deep racist ties of the United States, that are shown through names of towns, lakes, reservoirs and other areas.

In the article, James Ramos, chairman of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians in Southern California, is quoted when addressing the former Olympic ski resort of Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe.

The article addresses how nine states are looking to remove the word “squaw,” slang word first given to Native women that came to mean both a part of the female genitalia and a woman of ill repute, from their maps—but California is not one of the states.

Ramos says, “It’s so disrespectful I’m not even going to say the name. Every time I hear that I think of our women elders and my daughters and my wife, and I’m not going to degrade them that way by repeating the name. It’s deplorable to all Native people across the United States.”

The article addresses many other disrespectful names that are offensive to Natives, among others. Read the full article here.

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