Museum of Ontario Archaeology pow wow

Museum of Ontario Archaeology pow wow

Beautiful Pow Wow Dancing in Canada


The Museum of Ontario Archaeology put on a vibrant, exciting pow wow last weekend, and do we have the videos to prove how awesome this event was.  It took place in Attawandaron, London, Ontario.

It should come as no surprise that museum got this right — this is the very place where Canada’s only on-going excavation and reconstruction of a prehistoric Indian village is happening, and the museum has been devoted to preserving Ontario’s rich, ancient indigenous roots.  The prehistoric village “retraces the steps which 1,5000 Neutral Iroquoians trod five hundred years ago when they thrived in this village of elm longhouses and cedar palisades,” the museum’s site states.

Last weekend’s pow wow included many men’s and women’s dance competitions.  Enjoy these incredible videos, and check back with us often, we’re always looking for awesome pow wow videos, and when we find them we put them up on the site.

If you have any amazing pow wow videos you’d like us to run, email us at

Thanks, and enjoy these incredible dances!


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