Beyonce Touts L’Oreal Cosmetics That ‘Match’ Your Native American Shade

In her new television commercials for L’Oreal’s TrueMatch line of cosmetics, pop star Beyonce says her face is “a mosaic of all the faces before it” while the words “African American … Native American … French” appear on screen.

In Jennifer Lopez’s L’Oreal spot, she is identified as “100% Puerto Rican;” Aimee Mullins’s ingredients are given as “Irish … Austrian … Italian.”

The “Native American” in Beyonce’s makeup (pun unavoidable) comes from he mother’s Creole heritage which, according to widely circulated profiles, includes American Indian. Beyonce happens to be under fire at the moment over a promotional photo for her album 4; critics say her skin tone seems unusually light. The Huffington Post covers the controversy, and presents a selection of images of Beyonce through the years.

This L’Oreal commercial adds another dimension to a popular theory that Beyonce doesn’t want to identify as black. The video has inspired hundreds of comments at the blog Bossip. Most of the Bossip commenters see an ulterior motive behind Beyonce’s cataloguing of her heritage — how should Indians feel?

But perhaps more to the point, this is a product that claims it can “match” any skin tone. The L’Oreal line has 33 shades in three groupings: warm, neutral, and cool. Do you have trouble finding cosmetics that work for you, and does this L’Oreal line look promising?



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Beyonce Touts L'Oreal Cosmetics That 'Match' Your Native American Shade