Donate to the 2012 Blackfeet Children Christmas Fund at

Donate to the 2012 Blackfeet Children Christmas Fund at

Donations to Blackfeet Christmas Fund Will Brighten the Holidays for 3,500 Children

The Blackfeet Tribe is hoping the goodwill of people all over the world will help them provide for their 3,500 children again this holiday season.

In 2010 and 2011, the tribe was able to gift thousands of presents for its young members and throw huge kids-only parties boasting fun activities, thanks to the generosity of good-hearted samaritans who donated to their Blackfeet Christmas Fund.

“Many of our little Indians would not have had much of a Christmas, if not for you,” the tribe’s press release states.

The Blackfeet people have lived on their ancestral lands in the shadow of the northern Rockies for 10,000 years. About half of its 17,000 members live on the reservations, and the tribe preserves and protects the land.

The tribe’s release states:

“Life in our home may be different than life in yours. But our two homes, yours and ours, have something in common, something universal: Here, as everywhere, our children are the most important thing in our world. And their eyes light up at the thought of Christmas as they hope, hope, hope there will be lots of presents under the tree. So this Christmas all of us adult Blackfeet are doing all we can to make the best Christmas we can for all our children.”

To make tax-deductible donations to the 2012 Blackfeet Christmas Fund, use PayPal or Credit Card at or, and click on “Donate.” Checks or gifts (make checks payable to) Blackfeet Children, 308 N. Piegan, Box 2613, Browning, Montana, 59417-2613. For questions, call 406.338.3500 or email

“It’s kind, generous friends like you all around the world that make Christmas brighter for our 3,500 children. Thank you so much!” said Willie A. Sharp, Jr., Blackfeet chairman.


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