Documentary and Website Chronicle Six Journeys to Health

Three StepsWith skyrocketing rates of diabetes and obesity throughout the aboriginal population, a new website and the Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN) have teamed up to create a nationwide, multiplatform health and wellness movement, plus a six-part documentary series, based on traditional healthy aboriginal practices.

The series airs on APTN starting September 6, 2011 at 8:30 p.m., and Working It Out Together Online launched on August 30. The documentary lets viewers follow the fortunes of six Mohawk people determined to get their health back. The interactive website allows viewers to start their own health programs.

“Based on aboriginal philosophy, traditional foods, and western medical practice, Working It Out Together combines technology and social interaction, via a documentary series and interactive website to motivate Canadians and their communities towards health and wellness,” APTN said in a press release.

It’s a way to bring both health issues and aboriginal traditions mainstream, as the website is geared not just toward aboriginal but also to anyone who wants to get healthier.

The documentary series follows six Mohawk people as they work to reclaim their vitality by eating healthier and getting in shape, APTN said.

“Bringing indigenous notions of wellness to the mainstream is part of the goal of the series,” said Olympian athlete Waneek Horn-Miller, who came up with the initiative. “When we learn and live our own teachings of wellness and health, we begin to turn our own lives around. It’s not about drastic measures to lose weight, but rather to live a more balanced, healthier life.”


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Documentary and Website Chronicle Six Journeys to Health