Environmental impact statement for Keystone XL pipeline project.

U.S. Department of State

Environmental impact statement for Keystone XL pipeline project.

Anti-Keystone XL Tribal Members Urge Fellow Natives to Comment on Environmental Impact Statement

Tribal opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline are urging fellow Natives to use the 45-day comments period of the U.S. State Department’s draft environmental impact statement to register their disapproval of the project.

The comment period is already under way and ends on April 15, so now is the time for American Indians to make their voices heard if they want to weigh in, said Kandi Mossett, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network.

“The State Department is currently putting the pressure on the general public to comment and hold them accountable to make the right decision,” Mossett told ICTMN, adding that people should also read the document.

“It's so important for all people to take a look at this document and make their voices heard about the many concerns associated with this project within the 45-day commenting period,” she said. “Specifically, as tribal, First Nation, indigenous communities, we need to ban together to ensure we do hold the State Department and President Obama accountable to making the right decision by denying the permit to build the KXL and by shutting down the southern leg from Oklahoma to Texas.”

The State Department issued the draft version of the environmental impact statement on March 1, concluding that the long-term effects on both job creation and the environment would be something of a wash. 

People can send comments to keystonecomments@state.gov. More information is at the U.S. State Department's Keystone XL page


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