A still from Years of Living Dangerously


A still from Years of Living Dangerously

Video: Watch Episode 1 of Showtime’s Climate Change Series Right Here

It opens with Harrison Ford all decked out in flying gear, taking to the skies in a NASA aircraft a la Hans Solo.

Needless to say, one’s attention is immediately grabbed as Ford tells viewers he is seeing first hand how scientists study the atmosphere and determine greenhouse gas emissions. It sets the tenor for the Showtime series The Years of Living Dangerously, a series employing A-list celebrities and movie stars to glam up the climate change debate and get people to pay attention. Though the cable network charges for subscriptions, it has made the first episode, which aired on April 13, available online.

The Showtime documentary series is one of a spate of films and programs that are being broadcast to inform the public about climate change.

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Ford, who tells us he has served on the board of Conservation International for 20-plus years, speaks to climate scientists about their findings.

"Personally it's pretty scary,” says one, in reference to the level of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. “The world is going to be suffering in a lot of ways from this reality for a long time to come."

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