Even Hurricane Irene Couldn’t Shut Down Foxwoods

In spite of Hurricane Irene and tropical storms berating the East Coast this past weekend, Foxwoods Resort & Casino remained open for business, reported the Ledyard Patch. Meanwhile, Atlantic City casinos and New York City’s public transit system and highways shut down.

Even when heavy rains caused power outages property-wide Sunday morning, the casino, open for 24 hours a day since its 1992 grand opening, would not end its streak. Backup generators restored some electricity, allowing gaming to ensue in the Grand Pequot and MGM casino and MGM casinos and World Poker Tournament room.

While the vast majority of guests evacuated, the Ledyard Patch reported, some elected to stay. As one New Jersey couple put it, “staying here is preferable to driving home in this mess.”

On Monday, power sources were back on and business at Foxwoods continued as usual.

The urban legend behind the casino’s 24-hour-open policy just might have some merit. According to rumors, reported the Ledyard Patch, on its opening day in 1992, Foxwoods had planned to close at 2 a.m. But several thousand table game players continued playing their luck, so casino officials and the tribe decided to make the casino a 24-hour operation—through rain, hurricane or shine.


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Even Hurricane Irene Couldn't Shut Down Foxwoods

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