Father’s Day Gift Guide, Part II

From Jessica Metcalfe of the Beyond Buckskin blog and the new Beyond Buckskin Boutique, we have another batch of gift ideas for Father’s Day—which is Sunday, June 17. But you knew that.

She writes:

Bling out your dad (or your baby’s daddy, or your main squeeze who happens to be a dad) in some Native American-made gear. Here are 9 cool gift ideas that range from bracelets to tees to belt buckles to bandanas, and range in price from an easy $25 to a more handsome $8,000. For more gift ideas, check out the Father’s Day section on the Beyond Buckskin Boutique site.

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Cavalry Tee, by Dustin Martin (Navajo) of S.O.L.O., $30.

Cavalry t-shirt by Dustin Martin SOLO

This tee was designed by Navajo artist Dustin Martin for his company S.O.L.O. (Sovereign. Original. Land. Owners.). This design is S.O.L.O.’s signature logo, the feathered cavalier and his horse, which symbolize the adaptability and tenacity that have helped Indigenous populations endure for centuries. American Indians might not be remembered today had they not taken the white man’s beast and made it their own. Today they ride on; ponies beneath them, arrows aimed at their dreams.

BBB Link: http://beyondbuckskinboutique.bigcartel.com/product/cavalry-tee

Eagle Cuff, by Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut), $8,000.

Eagle cuff by Nicholas Galanin

This striking copper bracelet is an exclusive design and was made by acclaimed artist Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut). It features a central Eagle figure created using repoussé, chasing and engraving, with subtle acrylic highlights.

BBB Link: http://beyondbuckskinboutique.bigcartel.com/product/eagle-bracelet

Square Buckle, by David Gaussoin (Navajo), $210.

Square buckle by David Gaussoin

This belt buckle was made with diamond metal plate aluminum by award-winning artist David Gaussoin. Gaussoin comes from a long line of artists, including silversmiths, painters, rug weavers, sculptors, and wood workers. He creates wearable art for the body with gold, silver, and precious and semiprecious stones, as well as unconventional materials, such as steel and aluminum. For the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, Gaussoin brings us a collection of accessories cut from diamond plated aluminum. Diamond plate is often used on stairs and catwalks in industrial settings (the added texture reduces the risk of slipping), but it is also used on the interior of ambulances and on the sides of fire trucks. While Gaussoin references the street, his limited edition pieces are both cool and high quality.

BBB Link: http://beyondbuckskinboutique.bigcartel.com/product/square-buckle


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