Archaeology Fest will be held at the Second House Museum in Montauk

Archaeology Fest will be held at the Second House Museum in Montauk

Free Archeaology Fun Day Fest to Benefit Proposed Montauk Indian Museum

The Montauk Indian Museum Committee is hosting its first Archaeology Fest, to be held Saturday, October 13, 2012, on the grounds of the Montauk Historical Society’s Second House Museum in Montauk, New York.  The event, to benefit the proposed Montauk Indian Museum, is suitable for people of all ages and everyone is invited.

“The Mission of our Museum will be to bring to life the rich story of Montauk’s natural history and its prehistoric material culture,” says Dr Maria-Louise Sidoroff, the Archeological Consultant to the Museum Committee. “We hope that the Archaeology Fest will raise community awareness about our Museum, which is still in the planning stages. The Fest will reflect the sorts of hands-on demonstrations and displays that will be the core of our Museum’s educational programs.

The Archaeology Fest will run from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and it promises to entertain, inform and delight visitors with topics such as friction fire, wampum making, blowguns, and much more.

“Every schoolchild knows that Native peoples were expert hunter-gatherers,” says Sidoroff, “but as our technological world advances, it becomes more and more difficult for people to imagine what life was like in a pre-high-tech age. The Archaeology Fest will allow experts to demonstrate skills of prehistoric life that enabled early cultures to survive.”

In addition to the demonstrations, there will be three brief talks by world-known archeologists and historians, covering the history of Montauk’s own tribe, the Montaukett; the story of Chief Wyandanch and Lion Gardiner; and a look into prehistoric people’s dependence on, and use of deer.

Walter Purizaca, virtuoso of the Native American flute, will provide “music for the soul”. Delicious, family-friendly food and beverages will be available from Auntie Dorine’s Clam Bar. Unique items from participating archeologists’ personal collections will comprise an exciting raffle.

According to their website, the Montauk Indian Museum, under the care of the Montauk Historical Society, will be dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the history and culture of the Montauk Indian. Through beautiful exhibits, demonstrations, lectures, and events, the museum will bring the story of the original inhabitants to the public. The Montauk Indian Museum will offer visitors a place for reflection about how indigenous people lived through millenia, in harmony with nature as they walked lightly on the land.

“Since a large portion of the material culture of the earliest people has disappeared, our goal is to create interactive exhibits that will demonstrate how they survived through resourcefulness and high levels of skill,” the museum says. “The principal that guides our work is that visitors should leave the museum with a greater awareness of ancient and modern footprints on our land.”

For further information about the museum and for details on the Fest, click here.

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