Lupe Fiasco, hip hop superstar, round Pine Ridge way

Lupe Fiasco, hip hop superstar, round Pine Ridge way

Hip Hop Star Lupe Fiasco Visits Pine Ridge and Whiteclay

As we reported earlier, the lead single off Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming album (Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album) kicks off with a call-out to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, references Whiteclay, and contains several mentions of Natives as supporting evidence to the song’s title: “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free).”

On Sunday, the acclaimed rapper paid a visit to the reservation, which has increasingly become the focus of media attention thanks to two TV specials (episodes of Our America and 20/20) and a high-profile lawsuit against those who supply liquor and beer to the stores of Whiteclay.

The visit was preceded by little (if any) fanfare—on Sunday afternoon, Fiasco’s Twitter followers received the following tweet:

“Guess where I am??? Me and @StringBizness on a Road Trip to say ‘Peace 2 Pine Ridge’ in person… ”

He proceeded to snap a few photos and make further comments, although he does not seem to have made any publicity or promotional appearance on the rez. The following are his words and pictures:

“…Shame at all the damage the White Man wine did…”

Photo of sign on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation taken by rapper Lupe Fiasco

“So Pine Ridge,SD is about 2 minutes from Whiteclay, NE Alcohol is illegal in Pine Ridge.. ”

“Whiteclay has about 11 residents but somehow managed to sell about 5 million beers in a year…to whom??? I had to see it for myself… ”

“It’s very surreal…an empty town right across reservation/state lines with just liquor stores…”

Photo of liquor store in Whiteclay, NE taken by rapper Lupe Fiasco

On a related note, the official video for “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” was recently released:


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