Homeless Veteran Outreach Campaign to be Launched at Sioux Falls VA

Veterans familiar with the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System in Sioux Falls, South Dakota could be in for some exciting things beginning October 12. The facility was recently named as one of 28 communities across the country to host a kickoff event for the Department of Veteran Affair’s national drive to end homelessness among Veterans by 2015 campaign.

The facility will help launch a national outreach program and be a partner in continuing the momentum to fight homelessness in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities.

The campaign that was announced by Secretary Eric K. Shinseki during a presentation at the VA National Summit Ending Homelessness among Veterans, has worked to make improvements in the Post-9/11 GI Bill, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and other areas.

During the speech Shinseki said, “Our plan enlarges the scope of VA’s efforts to combat homelessness. In the past, VA focused largely on getting homeless Veterans off the streets. Our five-year plan aims also at preventing them from ever ending up homeless.”

In Sioux Falls the services that will help end Veterans’ homelessness are:

  • Outreach to homeless Veterans including visits to area agencies and six stand downs in Sioux Falls, Wagner, Ft. Thompson, Watertown, and Aberdeen plus Sioux City, Iowa
  • A seven-bed contract residential program
  • 65 HUD/VA Supported Housing vouchers received for Sioux Falls and 25 for Sioux City
  • Homeless Veterans Support Employment Program
  • Veterans Justice Outreach Program for Veterans who are involved with the judicial system
  • Health Care Re-entry services for Veterans who are incarcerated
  • Sioux Falls Vet Center counseling and socio-economic assistance

The kickoff will be held at the Belbas Theatre at the Washington Pavilion, 301 W. Main Street, Sioux Falls beginning at 9 a.m.

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