Iroquois Nations Cup Comes to Irving, New York

The Iroquois Nations Cup lacrosse tournament will be held from September 16-18 at the Gil Lay Memorial Arena in Irving, New York. The tournament is an all American Indian Tournament, with teams from the Iroquois Confederacy and Canada’s First Nations competing. All players must have tribal Affiliation and must prove their affiliation.  As of press time, tournament director Adrian V. Stevens anticipated 12 teams participating.

“This is the first year that the Newtown Golden Eagles Lacrosse Association has hosted the tournament,” he told us.  “Usually the teams who participate in their respective summer leagues will wait until those players are finished and then they will put teams together for this tournament, as it’s all native.”

Stevens told us that because this is an American Indian versus American Indian tournament, the teams participating do their best to make sure their best players are involved this tournament.

“I played lacrosse for the Newtown organization as well as coached for many years,” says Stevens. “I believe this tournament brings together the all native players to see who is the best at our native game. This tournament also honors our Creator in bringing our native people together for some competitive fun and seeing the best native players at one event.”


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Iroquois Nations Cup Comes to Irving, New York

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