Jicarilla Apache Nation to Reportedly Discharge Non-Tribal Employees

Indianz.com linked to a Rio Grande Sun article no longer available online about the Jicarilla Apache Nation of New Mexico passing a resolution that will potentially eliminate more than 200 jobs, and non-tribal employees will be the first to get axed.

Each tribal entity must remove three full-time positions within six months, according to the resolution. The resolution allegedly states jobs of non-tribal members will be cut first, noted Indianz. However, some positions may remain safe–jobs funded by federal or state funds are exempt.

“This hasn’t ever been done in the history of the Nation for either members or non-members,” spokesperson Leon K. Reval told the Rio Grande Sun, according to Indianz.

As of January 31, 2011, and until February 11, 2011, it appears like the Jicarilla Apache Nation is still hiring–four open positions are posted on its job index.

Other job prospects should come in the near future, as Dynamic Ventures Corp. recently announced they will break ground on the new $1.5 Million Dollar Game and Fish Building for the Jicarilla Apache Nation in Dulce, New Mexico, the second week of April 2011. Completion is expected in November 2011, according to a Dynamic press release.

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