Jovan Miller

Jovan Miller

Leading Lacrosse Equipment Maker, Warrior, Taking Heat for Racially Charged Slogan

Warrior Lacrosse is one of the leading lacrosse gear manufacturers in the world. Their shoe is the official training shoe of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and you can’t watch a game without seeing Warrior equipment. But the respected company is in hot water over a questionable slogan.

Recently on Facebook, Warrior ran a promotion which gives away pairs of its Dojo shoes to people who use the hashtag “Ninja, please.”

One MLL player in particular has come out against this slogan, Jovan Miller, a Charlotte Hounds midfielder. Miller is one of only three African American players in the MLL.  And he’ll be boycotting Warrior, which makes it difficult to play, to say the least, since Warrior supplies the MLL with jerseys and other gear. The MLL promoted the Warrior “Ninja Please” campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

“The actual meaning behind ‘Ninja Please’ is the ‘N-word Please,'” Miller told WCNC. “They put ninja in it to kind of disguise it.”

Miller also took to Twitter, where he called out Warrior for what he feels is a racist slogan, reports He also offered to give away all of his Warrior gear.

“As far as Major League Lacrosse is concerned, I do believe they were just ignorant to what the phrase was,” Miller told WCNC. “But in those [Warrior] offices, when someone came up with that phrase, I believe they knew exactly what they were talking about.”

MLL Commissioner David Gross told WCNC that he was unaware of the expression’s actual meaning.

“I honestly didn’t know what it meant until someone told me to look it up,” Gross said. “MLL was simply posting and retweeting a sponsor. We deleted all of it after I found out what it meant.”

“Warrior is a company that prides itself on being ‘edgy’ but this is too far,” Miller told WCNC.

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