Lessons in history

It is my opinion that the Declaration of Independence was written by pompous and egotistical men who spoke from both sides of their faces. Grandmother said you can’t trust people who speak in this manner.

Back in 1776, all men/women were not created equal. The Native people were referred to as savages and all through the history books as well. Slavery was a big money maker. Congress was made up of slave owners and the rich.

The king of Great Britain imposed taxes on us without our consent, and to this day, Congress and the state imposes taxes on us without our consent; gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes and more.

Back in colonial days, the rich grew “homespun,” or hemp. It took 60 tons of homespun to make a ship’s sails and anchor ropes – and it was also smoked in a pipe. The men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution indulged in homespun and home brew. Growing tobacco came later, a money maker as well. This information came from the History Channel. Just to name a few, George Washington, Ben Franklin and John Adams grew and indulged in homespun and sold it.

Could it be possible that “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” a savage, was or had indulged in homespun? He killed two Native parents, and took their child which would be a constant reminder of his savagery. Jackson had no conscious or heartfelt sorrow.

I can only imagine the lies he told this child about what happened to his biological parents.

– Patricia Denison
Rensselaer, N.Y.


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Lessons in history

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