Image of Shad Agard singing on the drum on a building in NYC at 29th St and 10th Ave.

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Image of Shad Agard singing on the drum on a building in NYC at 29th St and 10th Ave.

Meet Shad Agard: Big Foot Memorial Ride Staff Bearer

The proud family of Shad Agard, from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, contacted ICTMN to introduce our readers to the remarkable young man. Here is their open letter to Indian Country …

Shad Agard, son of A.J. and Roberta Agard of Porcupine, North Dakota was given the honor to be Staff Bearer and caretaker of the Big Foot Memorial Ride Staff for the next 4 years. Recently, the parents and grandparents of Shad Agard  honored him with a 2nd Annual Jr. Boys Grass Dance Special

Shad carries his Grandfather, Dennis Takes The Hat’s Indian name; “Wambli Wakuwa”  Eagle Chasing. Dennis Takes The Hat was a Korean War Veteran and Shad is the keeper of his Flag.

Shad turned 12 yrs. old on May 8, 2012.  He will be going into the 6th grade this fall at Selfridge Public School, in Selfridge, North Dakota.

Parents and grandparents are very proud and honored with Shad's accomplishment throughout his 12 yrs. of life.

Shad is a very competitive young man and has competed in many sports and have come home a champion many times.  He took an interest in Boxing at the age of 5 and would ask his Mom and Dad if he could box at certain tournaments.  He was a brave little boy because he never practices or conditions himself to box but would go and come home winning or a Champion at times.

Around 6 years of age his father, A.J. taught and trained Shad Karate.  He competed in the North Dakota State Prairie Rose Games and came home with a Silver Medal or second place.

January 2010, Shad traveled to 4 Bears Casino for a Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament and came home a Silver Gloves Boxing Champion.  He went on to Region 12 Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota and came home with the Silver Medal or 2nd place out of 4 States North & South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Shad was awarded the MVP Trophy of Region 12 Tournament.  Even if Shad didn’t place, this MVP Trophy would have been enough and something to be proud of.  It came as a big surprise to him and his family.

Shad took up wrestling because of his Uncles the Harrison brothers who are all State Wrestlers in there time and has become an outstanding Wrestler.

In the years passed, he would come home with a win or most of the time as a Champion.

This past year 2012, Shad accomplished being a North Dakota State Wrestling Champion.

Shad loves to compete in the Jr. Boys Bull Riding whenever time permits.  He scored a 74 riding Jr. Bulls at both Prairie Knights and Grand River Casino Rodeos.  Shad is very proud of his scores and would like to keep them for a long time.  Hoping no one will come up with a higher score.

Shad loves to sing with a hand drum and placed in many contests through out Indian Country.  He enjoys singing for fun, at funerals and where ever he is asked to sing.

Shad enjoys horse racing especially racing his Welsh pony “Amish”.  He has won many races riding Amish.

Shad is a Grass Dancer and has become a Champion Dancer.  He only dances wherever he chooses to dance because he is always busy with other activities in his little hometown community of Porcupine, North Dakota.  Because he is involved with many activities he tries to balance out his time.

Just this past 2011, Shad started playing basketball and his team has placed at tournaments.  Shad himself won trophies for Most Points and Most Free Throws.  Shad started playing baseball in the summer of 2012 and can’t stop playing.  We are very sure he will become successful with his team and as an individual player.  Just this year 2012, Shad traveled all over North and South Dakota competing in Cross Country Meets and came home a Champion.

Since the age of 4 years old he started riding horse and participated in the Annual Big Foot and Chiefs rides. Last year 2011, after the Annual Big Foot Ride his was given the Big Foot Staff.  Shad will be the Staff Bearer for 4 years and he will pass it on to another person.

Being the Staff Bearer is probably the biggest accomplishment for Shad.  The Staff has been used for the past 22 yrs. in the Big Foot Rides from Standing Rock to Wounded Knee Grave site.

This Staff has been used for Prayers for all people, for Families, Youth, for Sobriety, Sickness, for Suicide, for all Tribal Leaders, Veterans, Elders and our people who are incarcerated.

At 12 yrs. of age, Shad has faithfully taken care of the people’s prayers and made sure the prayer offerings made it to Wounded Knee.

With this, we are very blessed and honored to Honor and give Recognition to our Son and Grandson.

Thank you,

The Agard Family 


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Meet Shad Agard: Big Foot Memorial Ride Staff Bearer