Navajo President Shelly Releases Memorial Day Statement


Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly released the following statement to commemorate Memorial Day, May 27, 2013.

“Ya’at’eeh shikee doo shidine’e. The Holy Ones have blessed us with a good day and we are rich with the knowledge our ancestors have taught us through the generations.

So this day, I want our people to remember our men and women who died protecting our people and our land so we could continue living practicing our Diné way of life. We have had many warriors such as Narbona to Staff Sgt. Jonathan Davis, who gave their lives to protect our people. Today let us be reminded of their deeds, but also remember their purpose for which they gave their lives.

Our society has changed in many ways. But having the freedom to live our lives is one of the basic ideas founded in freedom today. Our warriors fought to protect our future so that our grandchildren strength to live their lives founded in Diné principals.

Today my relatives, let us stand together and commemorate our warriors who gave their lives to ensure that we have the freedom today to live our lives. No words can express the gratitude we have for our warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

Let us remember our fallen warriors in prayers today. Without our warriors, we would not have the lives that are rich with culture and freedom. Let us pray for their families and their wellbeing. Today relatives, let our hearts fill with gratitude for our fallen warriors of all generations, Navajo and non-Navajo. We will forever be indebted to our fallen warriors of all generations.”

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