Osage West, LLC Entered Exclusive Talks about Developing Airport in Peoria, Arizona

The City of Peoria, Arizona has entered preliminary talks with an economic arm of the Osage Nation about developing a municipal airport and airpark on a 2,240-acre property. Osage West, LLC, the State-of-Arizona-licensed subsidiary of Osage, LLC, is discussing the project, which “includes plans to build a municipal airport on 400 acres and a manufacturing, industrial, business park on the remaining 1,840 acres,” Scott Whyte, Osage West, LLC economic development services director, said in a January 10 statement to the Peoria City Council, reported Osage News.

Osage, LLC partnered with Arizona-based developer Mike Oliver to form Osage West, LLC. Oliver, who resides in Peoria, a rapidly growing northwest Phoenix suburb, now serves as the newly formed venture’s CEO. Holding the majority, Osage, LLC owns 51 percent of Osage West, LLC, while Oliver owns the remaining 49 percent, said Osage, LLC CEO Carol Leese to Osage News. Together with another Osage, LLC subsidiary Osage Manhattan Builders, the companies are pursuing real estate developments in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Recent news that Osage West, LLC has entered exclusive discussions with the City of Peoria about creating a municipal airport took neighboring county Glendale Mayor Elaine M. Scruggs by surprise. She recently told The Arizona Republic that she was “shocked, absolutely shocked,” to learn that Peoria has taken steps toward building an airport.

Scruggs served as chair on the former Maricopa Association of Governments committee that examined the airport system for metro Phoenix prior to its disbanding in 2006. The committee weighed the benefits and challenges of an airport in Peoria, ultimately deciding “it was always something that was thought to present severe airspace conflicts with Luke (Air Force Base), with Deer Valley (airport), with Sky Harbor, with Glendale, with Goodyear,” reported The Arizona Republic.

Beyond the airport, Osage West, LLC is negotiating real estate development projects in Peoria including an exclusive agreement to renovate a 17-acre sports complex parking lot and potentially the Peoria Sports Complex, which is the spring training facility for Major League Baseball teams San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. Construction of the three multi-level parking garages and areas for retail, residential and commercial, including restaurants and a hotel, mean an approximately $100 million construction deal for Osage Manhattan Builders, also incorporating work for Osage Pinnacle Design Group, states the Osage, LLC press release.

“We are extremely proud that it was Osage, LLC’s strategic construction and financial partnerships that gave the City of Peoria confidence to award exclusive negotiating agreements to this newly formed partnership,” said Osage, LLC Chief Executive Officer Carol Leese, in an Osage, LLC press release.


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Osage West, LLC Entered Exclusive Talks about Developing Airport in Peoria, Arizona