Kimmel: Folks Tell You Everything They Don’t Know About Obamacare


The government shutdown is currently underway, and the main focus revolves around the Affordable Care Act, or is it Obamacare?

The two are the same, as Obamacare is just a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, but recent polls by Fox News in September show that society tends to view them as being different. According to The Washington Post, the poll found that the Affordable Care Act was viewed five percent points more favorably than Obamacare. The Post also stated that among Republicans that number was eight percentage points.

Confusion over the bill can be the result of wildly inaccurate information being distributed or because many opposing Obamacare are doing so based on third party information informing them the bill is a mess according to aattp.org.

Given the confusion, late night host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel did his Six of One segment to prove just what the polls show.

Kimmel sent a camera out onto the streets to interview random people about the “two bills” and of those shown all thought the “bills” were different.

As aattp.org points out the most ironic moment was when one woman adamantly opposed to Obamacare and very supportive of the ACA said she felt an informed citizenry is important to a Democracy.

Watch the Kimmel segment below:

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