Romney Puts Distance Behind Him After New Hampshire Caucus

All signs leading up to the New Hampshire Caucus on January 10, pointed to Mitt Romney running away from his Republican rivals. Even with attacks from the rest of the Republican candidates aimed at him, Romney still came out on top Tuesday night and is now in the drivers seat of the Republican Race.

Romney pulled in 39.3 percent of the votes with Ron Paul in a distant second with 22.9 percent. The remaining candidates finished in the following order: Jon Huntsman (16.9 percent), Newt Gingrich (9.4 percent), Rick Santorum (9.4 percent), Rick Perry (.7 percent).

In the latest Real Clear Politics poll Romney has become the front runner with a 10.6 point lead over Gingrich, followed by Santorum, Paul, Perry and Huntsman.

Following Tuesday night’s caucus, candidates arrived in South Carolina to prepare for the next caucus, one that could be foreshadowing of the Republican candidate.

“If Romney can win South Carolina, he’s probably going to be the nominee,” Gingrich said in a New York Times article. “He has so much money. If he also has the momentum, it’s going to be very hard to stop him.”

Awaiting Romney in South Carolina leading up to the January 21 caucus are intensified attacks from his rivals all of which Romney says will fall flat, addressing Perry and Gingrich by name on Wednesday according to The Wall Street Journal.

Unlike the fall out from Iowa’s caucus, there doesn’t appear to be any of the remaining six candidates deciding to drop out yet and Perry who is sitting in a distant fifth doesn’t feel Romney has it in the bag yet.

“If Mitt’s thinking he’s got it in the bag, he’s in for a surprise,” said the Texas Governor in the Times. “I’m the outsider who’s willing to step on some toes.”


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Romney Puts Distance Behind Him After New Hampshire Caucus