Snip, Snip: Piranha Used as Scissors in This Nail-Biting Video

The piranha is a notorious eater of humans and anything else it can sink its teeth into.

Native to South America, it has been the stuff of both legends (details and debunking at and movies (Piranha 3DD is out).

But this tropical fish’s biting capacity can be used for good rather than evil. In the video below, a man in the Cuyabeno Rainforest in Ecuador demonstrates the piranha’s ferocity by using one as a pair of scissors. You may watch with “baited” breath, but don’t fear (plot spoiler here): He stops short of the end of the twig, keeping his fingers intact.


Not so lucky was a swimmer in China who was attacked by some rogue piranhas in the Liujiang River last week, losing parts of some fingers and suffering bites to the palm. The Chinese government then put out an APB on the fish, offering what amounted to a $157 reward for each one captured, according to CNN.

However, not being schooled in piranha particulars, people scooped up so many other fish in their zeal to rid the river of the invasive species that the government called off the hunt after four days, CNN reported. No piranhas were caught. The story below offers more details on that saga.


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