Seattle blasted by snow this past Sunday

Seattle blasted by snow this past Sunday

Snow and Ice Slam Seattle, Save Ski Resorts

We’ve been following the efforts of ski resorts out west in bringing in tribal members to help them summon some much needed snow. These rituals, which have occurred at ski resorts in Utah and Colorado, have been working wonders, so far, everywhere a snow dance or prayer has occurred, the snow has followed. Now with Seattle getting blasted by snow (they were dumped on this past Sunday, with more snow and ice coming) right after these rituals have taken place, we can’t help but wonder…cooincidence?

For the resorts who called upon their tribal connections, the dances, prayers and rituals have been a great success.  Vail Mountain and Sunlight Mountain Resort in Vail and Glenwood Springs, Colorado, respectively, Park City Mountain Resort in Utah and Lake Tahoe in California went from relying solely on their snow machines to enjoying some much needed real snow from mother nature after the tribes pitched in.  As for residents of Seattle, however, the winter weather that is finally gripping the better part of the western United States is not a cause for joy.  In the video below, you’ll see the havoc the snow and ice has wreaking on the roads.


While Seattle residents are clearly not loving the snow storm, the mountains where members of the Southern and Northern Ute Indian Tribes, Pauite, Shoshone and Washoe tribes visited couldn’t be happier. Take this weather report from Vail:

Vail, Colorado forecast

Vail, Colorado forecast

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