The Return of Saturday Night Videos

As a follow up to our post about the Indian Summer Music Awards nominees, here’s video playlist comprised of ISMA picks and some recommendations from our Facebook friends. Many thanks to Geronimo Squinas (for recommending “Indian Car”), Judiann Burrus (for Buffy Sainte-Marie) and Russell Joey (for Casper Loma Da Wa — we couldn’t find “Ideal” on YouTube but “Brother Leonard” is from the same album).


“Indian Car,” by Eddie Spears

“Universal Soldier,” by Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Brother Leonard (Set Him Free),” by Casper Loma Da Wa

ISMA-nominated “Watersong,” by Vince Fontaine


ISMA-nominated “Remembrance,” by Gabriel Ayala


ISMA-nominated “Soul Back Jack,” by Desiree Dorion


ISMA-nominated “Santa Fe,” by Samantha Crain


ISMA-nominated “Can’t Change the World,” by Shy-Anne Hovorka


ISMA-nominated “Big Country,” by Wayne Lavallee


ISMA-nominated “Grandfather,” by Wind Spirit Drum


ISMA-nominated “T-Hawk’s Flow,” by T-Hawk


ISMA-nominated “Always On My Mind,” by Nake Nula Waun


ISMA-nominated “A Million Miles for You,” by Northern Cree


ISMA-nominated “Love,” by Kevin Yazzie


ISMA-nominated “Native Rhythm,” by Jonathan C Ward



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The Return of Saturday Night Videos

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