The sun rises over the sacred Pe' Sla prairie near Deerfield Lake.

The sun rises over the sacred Pe' Sla prairie near Deerfield Lake.

Three More Efforts in the Quest to Save Pe’ Sla

This summer a 1,900-acre section of land in the Black Hills of South Dakota called Reynolds Prairie to some was slated to go up for public auction, but the area is the sacred site of Pe’ Sla to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes of the Great Sioux Nation.

When the potential sale of this land was made public a collective outcry by the tribes and efforts to reclaim the land gained international attention and support. The tribes of the Great Sioux Nation have since been offered the property for the price of $9 million.

To secure the purchase in September, the Indian Land Capital Company loaned the Rosebud Sioux Tribe $900,000. The tribes have until November 30 to pay the remaining $8.1 million minus nearly $400,000 collected by Indian country continues to combine efforts to raise money for the purchase.

Benefit Masquerade Powwow

A Benefit Masquerade Powwow will be held this Friday, October 26 from 7-10 p.m. with all proceeds going to help buy Pe’ Sla.

According to Charmaine White Face, coordinator of the Defenders of the Black Hills organization and of this event, gifts are already coming in that will be used as prizes in the costume contests to support the effort.

“The contests are hilarious. One will be the men’s fancy shawl dance, a few men are chosen from the audience by the judges, given a shawl, then have to dance a fancy shawl dance. The usual winner is the one who made the people laugh the most,” White Face said.

“We all need laughter during this sobering time as we try to protect a site that is legally ours, but is held captive to money. At $5 per person, it is a way for those of us who are limited in funds to be able to do something for Pe’ Sla.”

The event will take place at the Mother Butler Center, 221 Knollwood Drive, in Rapid City, South Dakota. A donation of $5 per person will be taken at the door. Children ages 10 and younger are free. For more information contact

Wells Fargo Renews $750,000 Investment

On October 10, Wells Fargo renewed its $750,000 investment to the capitol loan pool of the Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC), an American Indian Community Development Financial Institution specializing in financing tribes for land purchases.

Since the organizations inception, the ILCC has made nearly $7 million in loans to tribal nations, and has assisted in the recovery of approximately 30,000 acres of tribal land. Their long-term goal is to substantially increase its loan pool and its capacity to make more and larger loans.

“We are truly grateful for Wells Fargo’s ongoing support of ILCC and their commitment to Indian country,” said Gerald Sherman, ILCC president. “Having these and other resources available allowed us to act fast in order to help the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation to secure a deal to purchase these sacred lands that otherwise would have been sold at auction to the highest bidder.”

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Donation Page

To donate directly to the cause, go to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s main website at and click on the “Pe’sla Help protect Our Sacred Land” icon or visit


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Three More Efforts in the Quest to Save Pe’ Sla