‘Tis the Season

Summer’s here, and there’s more to it than beach bumming and barbecues. Yes, I’m talking about wedding season. Love it or loathe it, you’ll be sucked into it, and you need to be prepared. Wedding gift rules on spending are not set in stone, so trust yourself to be the judge of just how generous you’re feeling. Here are a few ideas to let your creativity shine beyond the bone china.

Totems are Trendy

Totem bowls and mugs

We’re not going to get into an appropriation debate here—let’s appreciate the fact that the totem aesthetic has become so popular it’s now deemed fit for kitchenware. Rob Southcott, a Toronto based industrial designer, has created three beautiful works of white totem representations for the modern couple with a sense of humor. The real beauty in these items is that they won’t break the bank if you’re on a budget. These bowls and cups are stackable.

Bowls, $87 CAD, @

Cups, $74 CAD, @

The Spice of Life

Totem salt and pepper shakers
Salt and pepper shakers may seen like an ordinary object, but some renditions out there provide not only stunning table ornaments, they also spawn fun dinner conversation. The totem matching set, also by Rob Southcott, could round out the clean, white, modern aesthetic of kitchenware you‘ve already purchased. While the recycled glass totem versions are more true to Pacific Northwest style design and are designed by BC artist Mark Garfield. And they’re eco-friendly for the more socially conscious couple.

Totem set, $35 @

Recycled Glass Set, $114/pair, @

Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton Pride

For the couple who love to keep it traditional, a Pendleton blanket might just put have you covered. This version is the “Tree of Life” pattern, which is a traditional Navajo rug design dating back to the 1840s. A tree usually springs from a wedding basket in Native American tradition and the birds represents the children from the marriage. Nothing says abundance like the gift of family.

Tree of Life blanket, $208 @

Oh Deer

Wooden and resin deer wall sculptures
Traditional modern couples might not want to have actual animals on the wall, but may enjoy the campy kitsch of a modern deer sculpture. For a more contemporary style, try the handcrafted woodcarving to give the couple that cozy cottage feeling every day. The white resin version is definitely a “get the look for less” nod, while still bringing an urban flair to any residence. These stylish additions are ideal for the younger pair who enjoy simple, clean lines in their home.

Noble Deer Modern Trophy Head Wall Sculpture. $590 @

Deer Trophy Wall Sculpture, $98 @

ICTMN style maven Lisa Charleyboy is Urban Native Girl.


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‘Tis the Season