Apsaalooke Warriors Complex Eyeing to Break Ground This Spring

The future is looking bright for American Indian veterans of the Crow Agency-Apsaalooke Nation – especially those that are homeless.

On December 9, the Nation announced it was successful in securing Montana Board of Housing’s annual housing tax credits, and with unanimous approval the Apsaalooke Warriors Complex was awarded $259,000.

The Helena, Montana facility will leverage the credits by selling them to an investor that could generate in excess of $2,000,000 in equity. The equity would be used for the construction of the 15 unit apartment complex that will serve homeless veterans of the Apsaalooke Nation.

“Our veterans of the Apsaalooke Nation cannot be overlooked and we are so proud of the opportunity to serve them with much needed attention. For too long, the veterans needed assistance in all levels and our administration is making that change for them.” Shawn Backbone, vice secretary of the Nation, said.

Tribal chairman Darrin Old Coyote has given the tribal government a positive chance in its structure by delegating over sight of different programs to other officials. One of those endeavors was having Backbone oversee the Veteran Affairs Office. Backbone, along with Nation Secretary AJ Not Afraid have worked endlessly on the project since the spring of this year.

“In just a few months since the planning stages of this project the Apsaalooke Warriors complex is coming into reality,” Old Coyote said. “We are very pleased with the outcome and foresight of various departments to make this happen. I commend the Apsaalooke Nation Housing Authority, Tribal Grants departments and others who were involved. We will sit down and make plans to move forward with ground breaking and construction starting in the spring. We will also look at purchasing vans for transportation needs of our veterans.”

Development of the complex will be done by Blueline Development Inc. of Missoula.


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Apsaalooke Warriors Complex Eyeing to Break Ground This Spring

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