Wampanoag Powwow and Nickommo

The Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council (ACQTC) has 2,500 members.  Over 1,000 members reside in Quebec and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our largest band is the ACQTC Sub-Sachemship of Wampanoag at Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, with 1,000 active members.  This band, consisting of the Star Clan and Sable Clan Long Houses, migrated to Nova Scotia in 1705 from Southern New England and have subsisted there as fishermen, trappers, hunters and master craftsmen (canoes, drums, and various other traditional crafts).

On August 5th through 7th, 2011, the ACQTC Band of Wampanoag at Cape Sable will host a traditional Powwow and Nickommo (indigenous feast).  It will be held at the Cape Sable Island Elementary School in the Township of Centerville on Cape Sable Island.  The Barrington Municipality has donated a large banner to help the celebrations.

Members of ACQTC (known historically as the Wappinger-Mattabesec Confederacy) from the bands in the USA (lower 48) will travel by vans from the NY-CA border with extended driver’s licenses after they travel from their respective homelands (CT,  NY, MA, NJ, etc.).  These special driver’s licenses are honored by Homeland Security and this is in accord with the Jay Treaty and other treaties that guarantee safe passage.  The Wappinger-Mattabesec Confederacy existed long before the USA-CA border was created and have a right to continue their cultural traditions.

On all odd-numbered years the ACQTC USA Bands travel to Canada to celebrate their traditions and, on even-numbered years, the ACQTC Canadian Bands travel across the USA-CA border to celebrate their traditions in Connecticut.

Highlights at Cape Sable Island this year will include a traditional duck-stew Nickommo, stories and games for the kids, Grand Entry, dancing and host drum, as well as a Language Lesson for members of both the Canadian and USA Bands.  A tipi or tent village site will be free of charge to all who attend.

Until the 21st century, the Cape Sable Bank of Wampanoag were known as the SW Nova Scotia Metis Confederacy.  The Canadian constitution acknowledges the rights of all indigenous people of Canada as well as all Metis of Canada.


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Wampanoag Powwow and Nickommo

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